We have a warning system in place that has the sole purpose of guiding you, our client to stay on the right path and follow our policies, and to keep our clients as safe as they can be whilst enjoying their time with us.

This warning system has three levels with three different outcomes, more specifically:

- the 1st warning results in an hour lockdown of your profile,

- the 2nd warning results in 24 hour lockdown of your profile,

- and the 3rd warning results in permanent deletion of your profile.

In case you receive a warning, you get an e-mail telling you the severity of your situation and also the reason of the warning.

Important note: a warning once given, can not be taken back, however you getting a warning doesn't have any bad effect on your experience with us, besides the lockdown. Other users don't see that you've received a warning.

We kindly ask you to contact our Support Team right away if you feel that the warning wasn't fairly given to you, or if you have any questions as to why you received it in the first place. Our Support Team will be more than happy to answer your questions, just choose form "site moderation" .